Sports Trading Review Wednesday 19/07/17 Total Profit/Loss = Profit £14.54

Platform Proceeds again made profits as did our back and Lay trades. Both our horse racing back bets lost with both selections running like they only had three legs. We broke even in the FC Copenhagen V Zillina Champions League Game. Copenhagen were big favourites to win the game and our back bet was well justified. Most normal punters would have either cashed out or lost their stake when Zilina went in front however we are traders and not in this to lose money so we followed our retrieval plan that broke us even on the night. Some of you may well have done better than me. The point is that even though our bet lost the retrieval process broke us at worst even and once you fully master it you need never to lose a football bet again. I’m sure some of you made better profits than me on the back and lay trades as prices went lower than my trade out point. Overall £14.54 profit so I’m reasonably happy I’m sure some subscribers would have learned plenty from the retrieval method. horse racing bets have been disappointing this week however Platform Proceeds and Back and Lay continue to be very profitable.

Platform Proceeds Profit £18.81

Using our recommended £50 back bets both of our trades were profitable.
13:55 Uttoxeter Malton Rose Profit £6.63
15:35 Uttoxeter Supreme Steel £12.18

Horse Racing Bets Loss -£20

4:55 Catterick No 1 Wadood 6/4 lost £10

8.50 Great Yarmouth No 3 Flying Foxy 15/8 lost £10

Back and Lay Trade profit £15.73 (£50 back Stakes)

3:35 Uttoxeter Supreme Steel Best Odds 2.62 Traded out at 2.28 Profit £7.08 (Got as low as 2.02)

4:00 Lingfield Fitzwilly Best Odds 3.00 Traded out at 2.84 Profit £2.68 (Got as low as 2.76)

5:45 Yarmouth Hart Stopper Best Odds 3.00 Traded out at 2.52 profit £9.05 (Got as low as 2.40)

7:05 Sandown Harba Best Odds 2.6 Traded out at 2.78 Loss £3.08 (Was 2.64 earlier in the day)

New Trading Method; Trading The Favourite Break even
18:30 UEFA Champions League FC Copenhagen v Zilina

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