Sports Trading Review Tuesday 25/07/17 Total P&L = Loss £7.32


Unlucky again today we were set to make a really nice profit from our first back and lay trade at Musselburgh however a significant non-runner meant that our payout from the bookie was reduced as a rule 4 deduction came into play and our expected £18 profit was reduced down to £6.80. Our second back and lay trade Subhaan made a loss and we traded out here at 3.15. It didn’t drift out much further and subscribers may have got better odds than us as the price did bounce around a bit and shorten in again after we had traded out. Our last back and lay trade, Golden Goal came right down in price and we were able to make a profit of £5.68. Overall we made a small profit of £2.68 from our back and lay trades. There were no suitable Platform Proceed Trades. We hit the crossbar yet again with our racing bet and the amount of 2nd places is getting a little frustrating, we don’t usually have a run like this. Our football trade had an early goal and we were forced to do a retrieval. We had to stay in to the end and exit for a break-even. Subscribers may have done better or worse than us with this trade. It is really important to start with small trades so that you can get the hang of this method. In particular you need to understand the retrieval before you trade any significant amounts. After having a profitable day on Sunday we have had a couple of losing days and it is quite rare for us to have losses on consecutive days. Plenty of winning trades in the pipeline coming up.

Back and Lay Trades (£50 back stakes) P&L = Profit £2.68

16:45 Musselburgh Sebastian’s Wish Best odds 2.62 Traded out at 1.90 (Hit 1.77) PROFIT £6.80

20:00 Chelmsford City Subhaan best odds 2.50 Traded out at 3.15 LOSS -£9.80

21:00 Chelmsford City Golden Goal best odds 2.62 Traded out at 2.34 PROFIT £5.68

Horse Racing Bets (£10 back stakes) P&L = Loss £10

14:45 Musselburgh Footsteps Forever 7/4

9 Minute Cash Machine (£50 back stakes) P&L = £0.00

19:45 UEFA Champions League Partizan Belgrade v Olympiakos

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