Sports Trading Review Sunday 23/07/17 Total P&L = Profit £52.64


Overall a nice profit made on the day with no dramas with retrievals. There were no early goals in either of our 9 minute cash machine trades so we were able to trade out in the 9th minute for a profit in both matches. For our horse racing bets we had Bhutan which was strong in the betting duly obliged on the track and we made a nice profit, unfortunately Muscika got done by half a length and I’ve lost count of the amount of times we have hit the crossbar recently. Our first 5 Platform proceeds Trades hit the frame to make us a nice profit however our last one Sam Noir dead heated for 3rd so we didn’t get the profit we thought we would.

9 Minute Cash Machine Trades (£50 back stakes) P&L = Profit £6.27

20.00 Brazil Campeonato Fluminense v Corinthians

23:00 Brazil Campeonato Atletico GO v Botafogo RJ

Horse Racing Bets (£10 back stakes) P&L = Profit £7.50

2.05 Tipperary Bhutan 7/4 (adv) Profit £17.50

4.30 Redcar Muscika 7/4 (adv) Loss -£10

Platform Proceeds (£50 back stakes) P&L = Profit £38.87

14:10 Stratford Champagne City Profit £5.39

14:50 Newton Abbot Horse Force One profit £5.16

15:20 Newton Abbot Bagad Bihoue Profit £6.63

16:10 Stratford Skilled Profit £23.26

16:50 Newton Abbot Theo Profit £13.93

17.20 Newton Abbot Sam Noir Loss £15.50

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