How to Stop Your Betting Accounts Becoming Limited or Closed by the Bookies

One thing you need to know is that bookmakers hate professional traders and have aggressively sort out and limited the accounts or anyone arbing or even winning too much! They really do not like anyone with an exchange account and use their cookies to find out if you have an exchange account open. What they want are ‘mug punters’. If your account is too profitable they will simply limit the amount you can bet with. The trick is to hide yourself as a ‘mug punter’


Here are a few tips that will help you stop having your bookie accounts limited.

• Open multiple bookie accounts and spread your betting across them.
• Do not increase your stakes as your balance grows. I used to back 5% of my bank but this highlights you as a trader making profits and I got an account limited as a result. Therefore I now always back round amounts such as £50, £70 or £100. I never bet more than £100 with any single bookie. If you want to have stakes higher than £100 then spread your stake across multiple bookies.
• NEVER use your PC for both Betfair Exchange and your bookmaker accounts (bookies can illegally monitor your activity using special snare cookies). I place my bets on my Smartphone using the bookmakers apps and then lay them off on Betfair using my PC or Laptop.
• Betfair are an exchange not a bookmaker so they never ban you. It is also fine to use Betfair on your mobile via a browser or their app.
• Never click yes to any cookies on your phone or PC when logging on to bookies
• Every so often particularly if you have had a big win blow 5% -10% of the win on that bookies casino or bingo site. This helps to hide you as a ‘mug punter’
• NEVER run two separate bookie accounts off the same IP address. Use a VPS or ‘hide my IP’ service if you and your partner have separate accounts
• If you ever speak to the bookie with any issue NEVER tell them you are trading. Assume the role of being a ‘mug punter’ whenever communicating with a bookie. We advise only communicating via email or live chat if you have an issue.
• Occasionally place a lazy acca with your bookmaker. A simple £10 acca on eight Premier League matches that weekend might help you from seeing your winning account flagged by your bookmaker. Likewise, place a couple of £20 bets on markets such as First Goalscorer for that weekend’s big Premier League match. These kinds of bets will help from having your account flagged as a potential long term winner.
• Load your deposits steadily and in small amounts Simply put, don’t make your deposits really large early on. Much like walking in to a casino with a ridiculous amount of money and placing ten grand on red at the Roulette table, you will get noticed! So deposit as little as possible up front and early on, enough to redeem your bonus and maybe a little extra but don’t go too overboard. Once you have done this, assume an approach of loading only enough money to cover yourself for a few bets a time. Don’t withdraw immediately after bets are settled.

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