How It Works

Opening betting Accounts

The first thing you need to do is open several betting accounts so you can take advantage of the best odds. We recommend you open accounts with Betfair, Bet365, Paddy Power, Sky Bet, Ladbrokes and Coral. It is very important that you have a Betfair account as that is central to all of our trading.

PLEASE NOTE open and keep your betting accounts separate from your Betfair account. I recommend placing your bets on your mobile, laptop or tablet and keeping Betfair on your PC or main computer. Bookies hate people having access to their site and a Betfair Exchange and use their cookies to see if you have a Betfair account. If they know you have access to an exchange they will likely limit your account or close it and will refuse to give you an explanation.

Football bets

Both teams to score accumulators (BTTS) and Banker home win accumulators get sent to you the previous evening. We do this in case there are Australian games that we can take advantage of.

Racing bets

Our banker bets will be sent out by text message and email the evening before from 5.30pm to 9pm. We will let you know which bookies have the best prices. You will need to back these horses ASAP as we confidently expect the odds to shorten. Since October 2016 we have had a strike rate of 46%. We never tip a horse with odds shorter then evens. Our outsiders and long shot bets will be sent at around 10am on the morning of the race.

Football trades

We trade the Under 2.5 Goal markets on The Betfair Exchange. This has been hugely profitable for us. We trade most them live with you updating by text and email. In your trial welcome email you will have received The 9 Minute Cash Machine. This outlines exactly what you need to do. We strongly suggest you read it before even attempting to do this on your own. How much you make depends on how much you trade but generally we make between £500 to £2.500 per month trading this market.

We select the trades for you and you can either trade with us which we strongly recommend to start with or if you are more experienced trade them yourself. Start off with small amounts and build up once you have grown your betting/trading banks. Under 2.5 Goal Trades will be sent out to you around 10 am each morning unless there is an Australian game we wish to trade in which case the trade will be sent to you the previous evening by text or email.

Racing trades

On average between 65% and 70% of our banker bets shorten in price bet so if you wish you can lay the bet on Betfair for a Guaranteed Profit the next day before the race starts making the outcome of the race irrelevant to your profits! In testing we have made between £500 to £1,500 per month using this method. If you are not sure how Betfair works please go to In a nutshell you will back a horse to win when the text/email arrives the night before and then lay the horse to lose on the Betfair Exchange the following day to lock in a profit no matter the outcome of the race. There is a back and lay calculator on the site for you to calculate how much you need spend on your lay bet to equalise your profits.


When signing up for a free trial account you will receive “The 9 minute Cash Machine” guide as well as supporting spreadsheets which will help you calculate the best bets.