How I Gained A Tax Free Income by Paul Chuter

To be honest I had had enough of working in my office, by the time I’d left in December 2016 I had been there 20 years. Four years earlier in 2012 it was a totally different story, my business was very successful, not massive but had a turnover regularly over £3 million. I easily paid the bills, went on a few nice holidays, drove a nice car and apart from the long hours I had a nice lifestyle. I wasn’t a millionaire but I was on my way and I worked hard, often putting in 60 hour weeks.

Go forward to 2013 what a disaster! Years previously I had damaged 3 of my vertebrae and as I got older I could no longer live with it and had to have an operation, the operation went well but a few weeks later I developed a fairly serious illness which resulted in a two month stay in hospital. I thought this was bad enough but the year got worse as divorce soon followed. Anyway whilst whiling away the hours and days recovering in hospital I was thinking, is this as good as it gets? You know, going to work every day in the same place, putting in long hours, yes I got rewarded for it, but 60 hours a week! I thought that there had to be more to life. Preferably a different home somewhere warm with a pool was what I had been visualising. However unbeknown to me at the time the life changing events that I went through put paid to that. Well for the time being anyway. Anyway back to reality a move away and a 140 mile round trip to work every day had totally sapped my already waning enthusiasm for the business. I still held onto my dreams, but what was I going to do to fund this new lifestyle? I had been trying internet marketing on the side, but it seemed an awful lot of work for not much reward. Then around the middle of 2015 I can’t remember exactly when, I kind of stumbled on sports trading.

I had always been massively into sports, I had a professional contract to race speedway bikes in my 20s and then I became a PE teacher. I pretty much love most sports. I also liked a bet, back in the day though I was pretty much a mug punter, mad gambles the odd one or two would pay off but the majority failed. So when I learned that I could make a tax free income buying and selling other peoples sports bets I was all ears. I learned as much about it as I possibly could, I made a few mistakes, well quite a few actually as my enthusiasm got the better of me but gradually I learned how to become a serious sports trader. I even developed a system that allowed me to gain regular, low risk (and sometimes even risk free) profits with great success. Well enough success to leave my full time business!

So how does this system work? Well, I should say that within the system I have 3 different methods that vary slightly but all following the same basic principle. They vary to take into account different sports. One method that I use for horse racing involves buying a bet online from a bookmaker with pretty much a 75% certainty that the bet will go up in price the following day and thus allowing me to sell for a profit before the race starts and with the outcome being irrelevant. You make money even if the horse you originally bet on comes last! How cool is that? I adapted my system for football and started trading that too. Over the last six months, trading is all I do to bring in an income now. Apart from the research it does not take much time, about 2 minutes for each horse race and about 9 minutes for a football match. I do not make tons of money from this but it’s regularly between £1,500 and £2,500 per month. Not life changing but it’s tax free.

Do you know what I find really good about it? It’s allowed me to have time, it’s a wonderful thing, no commute, no more 40-60 hour weeks in the office and I get time to spend with my partner. I’m also learning Spanish. Hopefully for my move to warmer climes, Brexit permitting.

Paul Chuter is a professional sports trader, he teaches his methods at totally free trials are available.

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