Sports Trading Review Monday 31/07/17 Total P&L = Profit £5.28

Summary A quiet day with just the one back and lay trade Boychick in the 19:50 at Windsor. We advised best odds of 3.50 the night before and traded out at 3.15 for a Profit of £5.28 on our £50 stake. the price bounced down to 3.00 and a starting price of 3.60 so subscribers […]

Sports Trading Review Sunday 30/07/17 Total P&L = Loss £14.54

Summary Our run of two profitable days came to an end and we made a small loss on the day. A nice profit made on Braqueur D’or minimised our losses. Overall though it is positive and the service continues to be highly printable to follow on a week by week basis. There will be days […]

Sports Trading Review Friday 28/07/17 Total P&L = Profit £44.98

Summary Not many trades but a very good profit posted. Our back and lay trade Easy Wind outperformed my expectations and hit 2.02 I had traded out at 2.10 for a really nice profit. Subscribers may have done better or worse depending on time traded out. Both our Platform Proceeds Trades hit the frame so […]

Sports Trading Review Saturday 29/07/17 Total P&L = PROFIT £30.54

Summary A fairly quiet day of sports trading with only 5 trades triggering our trading indicators. We got off to a good start with Stoney Broke placing and then Silverkode ran a good race to win at the Curragh. What A Home followed up at Chester to ensure that we made a nice profit from […]

Sports Trading P & L Review Friday 21/07/17 to Thursday 27/07/17 Profit £68.03

Summary For the last 7 days following all of our trades and following the recommended staking plan the service made a profit of £68.03. The service has been inconsistent this week making a profit on 4 days and making a loss on 3 however we are in profit, albeit a small profit, across all of […]

Sports Trading Review Thursday 27/07/17 Total P&L = Loss £13.84

Summary What was looking like a profitable day was ruined by Zumran running no race at all in the 8.05 at Newbury. Our back and lay trades drifted out, not to far but did not come in as expected closer to the off. The figures are my trades and subscribers may well have done better […]

Sports Trading Review Wednesday 26/07/17 Total P&L = Profit £67.02

Summary Quiet day of sports trading with only 3 trades but everything went in our favour and subscribers made a decent profit today. Plenty More winning trades in the pipeline coming up. Platform Proceeds Trades (£50 back stakes) P&L = Profit £42.02 6:35 Sandown Almoreb. Profit £21.73 7:40 Sandown Saultan Baybars. Profit £20.29 Horse Racing […]

Sports Trading Review Tuesday 25/07/17 Total P&L = Loss £7.32

Summary Unlucky again today we were set to make a really nice profit from our first back and lay trade at Musselburgh however a significant non-runner meant that our payout from the bookie was reduced as a rule 4 deduction came into play and our expected £18 profit was reduced down to £6.80. Our second back […]

Sports Trading Review Monday 24/07/17 Total P&L = Loss £40.22

Summary Overall a disappointing day and our profits made over the last 3 days took a bit of a hit. We were unlucky though as both our back and lay trades which were both steaming downwards in price were declared non-runners wiping out between £20 to £30 profit. Our 9-1 outsider ran no race and […]

Sports Trading Review Sunday 23/07/17 Total P&L = Profit £52.64

Summary Overall a nice profit made on the day with no dramas with retrievals. There were no early goals in either of our 9 minute cash machine trades so we were able to trade out in the 9th minute for a profit in both matches. For our horse racing bets we had Bhutan which was […]